After-sales service

Shipping and installation

Home delivery, free installation and commissioning
Our company provides a sufficient amount of spare parts, and installs all goods in strict accordance with the requirements, and debugs to ensure the normal use of the product after installation. All costs are included in the total contract price!

After-sales service standard description

1. The purchaser has an emergency failure in the process of use, and the purchaser has the ability to eliminate it. Our company guarantees to solve it on site in a timely manner: respond immediately and arrive at the site within 24 hours to complete repair or replacement.
2. Before the end of the warranty period, our company and the purchaser will conduct a comprehensive inspection, and any defects will be repaired by our company.

Description of after-sales service period

1. Product warranty period: The warranty period of the intelligent buried garbage classification equipment is 5 years The warranty period for the equipment of the intelligent waste sorting collection cabinet series is 1 year The remaining garbage bins and bins are guaranteed for 1 year.
2. The company's after-sales service phone: 24-hour contact phone: 13070402333.
3. Product failures within the warranty period shall be repaired free of charge. Those exceeding the warranty period or within the warranty period, but not covered by the warranty, will only be charged for related material costs and no labor costs.
4. For repairs after the warranty period, only relevant material costs are charged, and no labor costs are charged.

Related training instructions

1. Our company provides free technical training to the maintenance technicians of the purchaser. It includes a series of professional trainings for general maintenance and common troubleshooting. So that it can correctly operate and use all garbage sorting equipment, and can perform common troubleshooting.
2. After the equipment is officially handed over to the purchaser, we provide free maintenance as specified in the contract. During this period, we will replace unqualified equipment and materials.
3. The spare parts needed for maintenance and repair are supplied by our company free of charge, and only original parts are guaranteed.

After-sales service strength

The company has 12 technical service vehicles on standby 24/7, equipped with a full set of equipment for repairing and maintaining intelligent underground garbage collection stations.