Underground part (length × width × height): 5.2 × 2.1 × 1.5m

Adaptable: 4 1100L trash cans or 4 660L trash cans

Power supply: 220V

Cover plate: reliable sealing, 3kg automatic induction fire extinguisher is installed below.

Lifting mechanism: The swinging arm lifting mechanism is of reasonable design and stable operation.

Control mode: manual control, remote control, vehicle remote control.

Underground part: The integrated design is adopted, and the lifting mechanism is installed in the box, the installation position is reasonable, and the maintenance operation is convenient.

Design life: Design life 15 years

Feeding box material: made of 304 stainless steel, reasonable design, no edges and corners that cause damage to the elderly and children, the sealing of the dropping box and the underground garbage bin is tight.

Opening form of round feeding opening: the opening form of delivery is automatic induction opening

Round feeding port size: 650 * 480 * 820

Opening and closing angle of round feeding port: 45 degrees

Round feeding port structure: reasonable sealing method, prevent rain and odor

Design of the underground part of the underground garbage bin: the overall design of the steel structure, the overall anti-corrosion treatment, the sewage storage tank and the sewage treatment device.

Supporting vehicles: 5m³-8m³ garbage bin compression trucks, or corresponding handling vehicles